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I sigh with relief as I finally get my key into the lock, turning it and pushing open the front door to our apartment, and I step inside hurriedly, dropping my bags unceremoniously as I close the door behind me. I kick off my shoes and hang up my coat, then stretch grandly as I finally let myself relax, another long day of work over. “I’m hooooome!” I call out, despite the small size of our apartment making it readily apparent that I was home alone. Intent on taking advantage of this situation, I decide to pour myself a glass of wine and run a bath so that I can really relax and unwind. I head into the bathroom and start the bath, then make my way into the kitchen, casually undoing the buttons of my green blouse as I do, and I let it hang open, exposing my smooth stomach and my simple black bra. Pouring myself a glass of wine, I pad back across the apartment, checking on the tub and shutting off the water, placing my full glass on the side of the tub. I leave the bathroom again and head towards the bedroom, pulling off my top as I go. As soon as I open the door, I realize I’m not alone. There, laid out on MPL Studios Free¬†Pictures his stomach across the middle of the bed, is Mark, a mountain of pillows and blankets gathered up around him, and his slow, deep breathing lets me know that he’s deep asleep. I toss my discarded shirt towards the laundry basket (neat freaks, I’m sure I hit the target. I promise.) before reaching down to undo my pants, then quickly pull them down and off as well, kicking them towards the basket as well (a little less sure this time, not gonna lie.). In just my underwear now, I bite the inside of my lip and tip-toe over to the bed, to the sleeping form of my dear boytoy. Very slowly and very carefully, I lean down and plant a soft kiss on his bare shoulder, about the only part of him that’s exposed from under the blankets and pillows. He stirs slightly and I smile, then reach down and grab the top of the blankets. Pausing for just a moment, I start to pull them down, and as more and more of his sleeping body is exposed, it becomes very apparent that he’s decided to enjoy this nap without the restriction of pajamas, underwear, or a single shred of clothing at all. As I admire his naked back (and his naked backside), I agree that he made a good decision. A little curious to find him home at all at this time of day, let alone napping naked in a blanket nest of his creation, I sit down on the edge of the bed next to him, then reach out, placing one hand on his strong, muscular back … and the other on his firm bare butt, because I’m a lech. I traced a slow line upward with this hand, and a line down along his spine with the other, and soon I’m running my fingers gently all over his back. “Marky,” I whisper softly, “Good moooorning.” He rouses slowly, almost imperceptibly at first, but soon he turns his head from one side to the other and groans softly as the light coming in through our blinds hits his face. “It had better not be morning.” He responds curtly. “Good eeeeevening.” I correct myself, still soothingly running my fingers up and down his back. Groaning again, he turns over slowly, and I pull my hands back as he does. I’m greeted to the sight of his flaccid penis bouncing between his thighs, and his bleary- eyed, just-woke-up look of confusion as he finally leans up anya nude on his elbows and looks at me. “Girl in her underwear.” He mutters. “That’s me!” I reply brightly. “Good, I’m glad it’s not some other girl. Emma really hates when I have other girls in their underwear in here.” That earns him a playful swat on the chest, and I lean down and press my lips to his before sitting back up, letting my hand linger on his chest. “Soooo, not that I don’t like seeing you, but what are you doing home before me?” “Oh …” He groaned, laying back on the bed and closing his eyes again before responding, “I wasn’t feeling well earlier. My stomach.” “Aww!” I gasp, instantly going into caregiver mode, “How are you feeling now? Can I get anything for you, do anything for you?” He props himself back up on his elbows and grins slowly, then shakes his head. “No, thank you babe, but I think I’m feeling okay right now.” He pauses, looking down the bed and noticing his complete and utter nakedness. “I don’t remember getting naked.” I raise my hands immediately to profess my innocence. “That’s how I found you! Well, except you had blankets. But they were in my way.” He raises an eyebrow quizzically at me. “Oh?” I nod emphatically, “It was way too hard to check out your butt when there were blankets in the way. And a lot harder to run my hands all over you.” He pauses to consider that before looking up at me. “Hmmm … I’m not sure I approve of being molested while I sleep.” It’s my turn to raise an eyebrow at him before I move one hand to his thigh, gently squeezing it for emphasis. “For the number of times we’ve woken each other up by burying our head in each other’s crotch, I didn’t think you’d mind.” I grin as I see his dormant cock twitch at this comment, and it grows and swells just slightly as he responds. “Oh no no no, of course not. Those sorts of wake-ups are always welcome, you know that. But I don’t know about butt ogling …” “Well you were asleep on the wrong side, so I had to work with what you gave me!” I exclaim in mock exasperation, before reaching out with one hand and lightly tracing one finger along the growing length of his shaft. He groans softly as I touch his swelling dick, then looks up at me again with a mischeivous look on his face. “Well, what about now?” “What do you mean?” He nods wordlessly in the direction of his crotch, and I roll my eyes in response. “No, it doesn’t count now, you’re already awake! And besides, aren’t you supposed to be sick?” “Best girlfriend ever?” He counters quickly, grinning up at me. I pause to kamilla 18 galleries consider that as I wrap my small hand around his thick shaft, and start to stroke it slowly, before crawling across the bed towards him and positioning myself between his legs, looking up at him. “Damn right I am.” With that I lean down as I guide the thick head of his cock towards my lips, letting it slide past them slowly. With my lips wrapped firmly around his shaft, I start to stroke his cock firmly and slowly, up and down while my tongue swirls over the most sensitive parts of the head. “Ohhh!” Mark groans loudly as I take him into my mouth, then he lays back, revelling in the sensations as I take him slowly deeper. About halfway down his length his cock presses against the back of my throat, and I pull back slowly, my lips sealed tight the entire time, until my pursed lips are once again pressed against the tip, my hand working up and down his shaft the whole time. I move down again, taking him as deep as I can until my lips come in to contact with my hand, and I repeat this process, slowly bobbing my head up and down as I stroke him slightly faster, my tongue running along the length of his shaft and tasting every inch. “Holy fuck, Emma …” Mark moans as I suck his cock, and I smile to myself as I see his hands gripping the sheets. I pull back, letting his cock escape my mouth with an audible pop before leaning back down and resuming my faster pace, two-thirds of his length easily sliding in and out of my tight lips, one hand stroking his thick shaft while my tongue dances around and teases the sensitive head. Mark stars to writhe and squirm, and I pick up the pace … before abruptly slowing to a crawl, my mouth slowly moving up alond his shaft as my hand pulses and squeezes his shaft teasingly. “Emma, please …” I grin and lift my head up, letting his slick cock slide out of my mouth before I look up at him casually, still stroking him slowly with one hand. “Please what?” I giggle, then lean down again, planting kisses up and down the length of his cock. “I’m soooo close!” He pleads, and I take him in to my mouth again, bobbing up and down a few times before pulling back and looking up at him again. “Oh, I didn’t realize you were in such a hurry!” I smile sweetly up at him, then lean down and place several kisses around the base of his cock. Before he can protest, I continue, “It’s just …” I pause, slowly kissing my way up across his hips, to his firm, flat stomach. “… you can cum in my mouth, if you really want.” I pause and grin up at him as I kiss my way up higher and higher, my body sliding across his, still covered by my matching bra and panties. “Or …” I continue, making my way across his chest, up his neck, along his jawline, until I can whisper his ear “… Or you can slide that big, thick cock of yours into my tight little pussy, fuck my brains out and blow your load deep inside me.” I lean in and kiss him softly, slowly, then grin down at him as I lay on top of him, our bodies pressing together. “You know … your choice.” It will take me longer now to describe what happened than it actually did for all of it to happen. Suddenly, Mark’s eyes flash to life, and I gasp and giggle in surprise as he reaches down, gripping my hips tightly in both hands, then laugh as he tosses me to the side and on to the bed, sliding out from under me so that he is quickly straddling me. Hungrily he leans down and kisses me, hard, then he slides down my body, his hands leading the way until he reaches my underwear, which he quickly pulls down and off my legs, tossing them across the room as I watched him with anticipation. My smooth pussy, wet with excitement, is exposed now, and he quickly positions himself between my legs. Leaning down, he hugs me close, and I realize soon what his intentions are, so that I arch my back to help him undo my bra more easily. That done he pulls it off of me and tosses it aside as well, revealing my small perky breasts and my little pink nipples, stiff with arousal. I reach up with both hands and cup my breasts as I eagerly await his next move. Moving back down my body, he slides his hands under my legs, and quickly lifts them up and over his shoulders, before leaning forward against me, so that he is effectively folding mpl studio nudes ( me in half. With that, he reaches down and takes his hard, slick cock in his hand, guiding it towards my entrance, and sinks himself deep into my little pussy. “Ohhhh!” I cry out as Mark drives himself in to me, his thickness stretching my tight pussy as he moves inside me. He makes a few more short strokes to let me get accustomed to being so stretched and so filled, and then he’s moving, pistoning in and out of me with long, steady strokes, each powerful thrust pressing me down into the bed. “Fuck Emma, yes!” Mark pants and groans as he moves on top of me, my powerful internal muscles gripping every inch of him as he thrusts back and forth inside me, every stroke seeking to bury his length deeper inside my body, and press me further into the bed. Unable to move much back against him in the compromising position he has me folded in to, I decide to embrace the forceful fucking he’s giving me, and I slide one of my hands between my legs to where our bodies are joined, and I start to quickly rub at my red-hot little clit as he continues to stroke in and out of me. “Ohmigod!” I gasp and moan as the sensations throughout my body go in to overdrive, my hand feverishly rubbing at my oh-so-sensitive clit while Mark continues to push into me with long, powerful thrusts. Just then, he leans forward a little more, my knees almost up by my ears now, and the triple sensation of my fingers on my clit, his cock slamming into me and his body pressing down on me is too much for me to handle, and I cry out as my orgasm rips through me, explosive waves of pleasure shooting through my body, and I tremble beneath Mark as it moves through every inch of me. “Mark!” I scream, shuddering in ecstasy as he continues to stroke into me as my orgasm wanes. My hot nude women galleries pussy grips his thick, thrusting cock tighter than ever, and I wiggle my hips up against him as he continues to drive in to me. Mere seconds later, he groans out loud too, and I feel his cock swell and throb as he reaches his own orgasm, his hot cum spraying deep inside me. He leans forward, his cock buried so deep inside me as he finishes, but he lets my legs slip from his shoulders, and I wrap them weakly around his hips as he ends with a few slow, short thrusts. He falls forward on to me, and I grunt theatrically as he does, but then I giggle and kiss him gently before he slides off of me (and out of me) and collapses onto the bed beside me, his chest heaving as he catches his breath. “Mmmmm,” I moan contentedly, closing my eyes and basking in the afterglow. “That was gooood.” “Best girlfriend ever.” Mark agrees, leaning over to kiss me on the cheek. “Damn right. Wanna have a bath with me?” I felt his pillow move as he shook his head. “That one’s all you babe. I’m not going anywhere

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Continuation of Part Recap: Val and I meet up for some sexy fun time on an anticipated 4 day weekend. We head over to her friend Chel’s place where I’m introduced to what turns out to be a weekend filled with hedonism and debauchery of the best kind. While shying away from the sexcapades at first, Chel joins the fun to what turns out to be the single most memorable -way of our lives. Day continues Threesome fun Chel’s face down prone form is still a loaf of bliss and erotic sensations. Still recovering from her monumental orgasm, she has little strength left to fend of our ass-sault on her helpless lady parts. Val is probing her pussy with fingering and clit rubbing while I’ve moved on from her now plugged ass to massaging her tense muscles and shoulders. Poor Chel can do little but occasionally protest through whimpers and grunts of misguided disapproval. “please… let me.. uuuughhh… rest”. Having none of that, Val and I redouble our efforts and turn our hapless Hostess into a vessel of sensual desire. Our persistence pays off as Chel starts to move and gyrate with the motions of Val’s probing. While still silent as ever, her hips and bubble butt ass thrust back and forth into her best friends soaked fingers. Without warning, Chel gets up on her hands and knees, climbs up on her best friend and tosses Vals legs around her own hips. Bending forward, the chubby little legs of Val’s are trusted high in the air and both girls pussies and asses are exposed and spread wide for further probing. Val wraps her arms around Chel’s neck and the two lock lips in passionate kisses and tonguing. I’m left out of this two-some and sit back to enjoy a lecherous view of two hips grinding into each others lady parts. I’m taking mental snapshots of the sight and loving every moment of it. Chel with her trimmed dark-blonde pubic hair (butt plug still secured in its place) and Val’s shaved stubble of raw used pussy lips grinding each other together. It’s lusty perfection is seared into my mind forever and I still think back fondly of that moment. With my mental photography satisfied, I take action in finally adding to this current -some. Grabbing a fresh vibrator from the dresser of sinful pleasure, I position myself behind our blonde vixen and slowly slide the lubed toy into her dripping pussy. Making no noise or indication that she doesn’t want me to proceed, I turn on the oscillation setting and that gets her going. The otherwise quiet Chel starts moaning softly and this gets Val worked up as well. They embrace further and the kisses turn into sensitive necks and upper chest licks. I grab another toy, find Val’s pussy and insert the dildo nearly to its hilt. No tightness there, she’s as loose and revved up as they come. The two are in high heaven but Chel wants something new. She breaks the embrace, slides down the middle of the bed and positions her head right between the legs of Val. Out comes the dildo and in comes the tongue. Val instantly reacts and grabs the bedsheets as if holding on to dear life. I’m treated with a facedown, ass up Chel buried nose deep into the pussy of Val. Each lap of Chel’s tongue sends involentary quivers of pleasure up Val’s spine. I’m looking at the near perfect behind of Chel with her legs spread open and both holes occupied with toys of my own insertion. My aching cock finishes become rock hard once again (woo hoo! thank you male enhancement pills!) and I re-position myself directly behind the blonde’s awaiting ass. With condom secure in place, I pull out the vibrator with a smooth pop and point my now throbbing dick at her moist hole. Again, wait for the protest and get no response from the shy bi-female. My cock slides in with minimal effort and my hands wrap firmly around her silky hips. Chel’s pussy is near sizzling with heat and raw animal juicies. I recall the first thrusts were like inserting myself into an oven. She was tight but only at first. I’m not a big man but I’ve got some girth down below and its been known to cause problems. No protests from Chel however and I start to pump and buck into her. Pure bliss and she is returning the motions with small bucks and movements of her own. Val is getting eaten out, Chel is face deep in her pussy and I’m enjoying the beautiful sight before me as my cock is being milked by one of the best frames I’d ever fucked. I pull out the buttplug and press my thumb on her awaiting anus. This causes her to gasp in one of the few audible moans she gives throughout the night. Her focus shifted to her own pussy and backdoor pleasure, Chel manages to let out, “No… ughh, anal. Just this”. My inner soul slightly crushed at the denial of butt loving pleasure from this blonde goddess, I comply and become content with her hungry cunt. The memorable event comes to its peek when Chel starts to buck violently followed by soft moans signaling Val to cum hard yet again from oral sensations. I finally cum myself as my thumb massages her rectum. I pull out the thumb just she nears her orgasm. Chel damn near bucks me right off the bed from the pleasure and she collapses into the frog position. All of us spent from the evenings entertainment. Day All good things cum come to an end The three of us fall soundly asleep in the master bedroom. I choosing to sleep on the blowup mattress while the two lovers embrace in each others arms. I’m good with it as the Queen bed was too small and it was a warm night anyway. Morning arrives far too soon and Chel wakes up get get a head start on the days errands. Val and I drearily fall in and out of sleep as our Hostess hops into the shower. The dear even manages to leave the bathroom door open so we can watch her lather up and clean off that perfect body of hers. Sex is the last thing on my mind at this point so a morning quicky is out of the picture. Showered and toweled off, Chel sashays around the room butt naked for a while much to my visual delight. She rustles up some breakfast pastries and leaves them on the nightstand for our exhausted forms. While she dresses, she and I talk while Val snores away dreaming her little happy little dreams. She thanks me for a pleasurable evening and wants to… ehem, do some more that evening if its alright with us. I playfully make no promises but will keep her in mind if we can squeeze her in between rounds. “This was my first.. threesome and I’m glad you took it easy with me.” I assured her that we can take things as slow as she wants I’m respectful of her wishes. She smiles warmly and I could tell it meant a lot to her. I casually remark that her ass is one of the best I’d ever seen and she laughs in relief. She gets up, turns around while unzipping her pants. Proceeds to moon me and playfully swat her ass. “Be good to her and I’ll let you have another go”. I damn near swore to Sainthood at those words talia mpl and Chel giggled in her playful way. She hoisted up her breeches, grabbed her things and headed out the door. “Tonight… is going to be AWESOME!!!” I say to myself. I fall back to sleep thinking dirty thoughts of a helpless Val being violated by the sinister Chel and I as we plunge our weapons of choice into her awaiting holes. The crack of noon chimes on a distant clock and Val and I flop out of bed definitely worse for wear. We each smell to high heaven and take turns showering off. Too sore and enflamed to engage in sex acts, we agree that cabin fever has set in and a little shopping and a tour of the town is in order. Getting fully dressed for what feels like the first time the whole weekend, we venture out into the sunny spring air. From the Top of the coaster to the Bottom in 4 seconds flat Our first stop was food. In serious need of proper nourishment, we head to the same diner Val’s car was parked behind and eat a hearty meal. Our bellies full, we drive down the country roads avoiding the main drag and she shows me all the sites and places of interest. Her demeanor appears uncomfortable super hot girl nude and weary but when I question her about it, she brushes it off to an upset stomach. Not wanting to stop at any shops, she directs me to the next town over where there is more variety. Suits me just fine, I’m game for whatever she’s got planned. The town-square is quaint yet appealing in a way only a small town could. Shopping is had, gifts are purchased and we even find an adult store to pick up a few necessities for the night. Not that we needed anything new, but a new toy just for us is just what the Doctor order. On a whim, we stop by the grocery store pick up a fun Thank You present for Chel that we both agree would suit her perfectly. Disinfecting Counter-top and table cleaner. We laugh our way out to the parking lot and hop into the car. The drive back to Chel’s place is ordinary. Val’s uneasiness returns and she’s alertred to all the cars that pass us by. I’m puzzled but I think its just her not wanting to get noticed with some guy. Small town gossip and all that. We are traveling down a two lane back road parallel to the main freeway when out of no where lights flash in my rear-view mirror and a WHOOOP siren call is heard behind us. I instantly check my speedometer and its 4, exactly the limit posted. In those first few seconds, I check my lane, Good, check my turn signals, Good… What the hell am I being red lighted for? I look over at Val’s face to find the most horrified look of terror I’ve ever seen on a human being. She is transfixed on the side mirror and starts to FREAK THE FUCK OUT! Not seconds ago, she was calm and collected but now she was acting like a caged rat being submerged in water. Clawing at the windows, the seatbelt, the dashboard… She’d gone Mad in a matter of seconds. Val has gone bat-shit crazy and I’m seriously freaking out over what the fuck was going on. I’m pulling over not only for the cops sake, but to try and calm down this crazed woman who somehow had a switch turned on. I’m fully aware of the cop behind me but I’m not worried as I’d done nothing wrong. Was he after Val? Did she have a record? was she wanted by the police? Did she have drugs in her possession? I’m fully stopped now with my hands on the steering wheel at Ten and Two but my gaze was over at the terrified creature seated next to me. What happens next freaks me out even more than the actions I’ve witnessed thus far. “HANDS WHERE I CAN SEE THEM!” The cop has his gun drawn out and is pointing it straight at my head from the now rolled down window. “OHHH GEESUSMUTHAHOOOOOOHHSHIT!! WHAT THE HOLY FUCK IS HAPPENING!” my internal monologue is shouting. How the hell I prevent myself from shitting my pants right then and there is a miracle in itself. My bowels remain intact but I’m seriously scared shitless at the moment. Val on the otherhand has lost it.. The cuckoobird has left the nest and she exits the car in a screaming talia mpl wall of curse words. “You crazy bitch!!! Get back in the fucking car! WHAT ARE YOU DOING!” The Officer and Val start screaming at each other with gun still drawn and now pointed at her. From what little dialogue I can make out, the hammer of realization smashes down hard on my noggin as it dawns on me. This is her Husband. Not Ex-Husband, but actual non-divorced, still unhappily married HUSBAND husband. I’m now the other man in the relationship and we are on a desolate highway in the middle of hickville USA. That urge to shit my pants reappears as my mind plays catch-up to all the events that had occurred so far. Met up at friends house, not hers. Avoiding the main roadways and meeting outside of town, scheduling the weekend to match with a weekend she usually goes out with her chick friends. Hooooly shiiiiiiiiiit!!! That sicking feeling hits me like a ton of bricks as Officer Husband hasn’t holstered his gun yet. He could murder us both, bury our bodies out in the middle of the fucksticks we were at and nobody would ever know. My face turns ashen white knowing I’m seriously about to die and my family will never know how or why. Not a moment too soon, another cop car tears up the roadway with sirens blaring. It’s the husbands partner and he proceeds to talk him down and holstering his sidearm. Most of what happens next is a bit of a blur but when my brain starts functioning again from autopilot, there are now additional highway patrol cars present and I’m seated at the side of the gravel shoulder giving at statement to one of the officers. Turns out, Officer Husband had been on to me from the moment I showed up in the rental car to Chel’s house. He performed an illegal license and background check and found out my information and flight number. He knew just about everything there was to know about me. Old home address (just moved), drivers license number, cell phone number, email address… the works. His partner was not mpl nudes ( at all friendly with me and treated me like a hostile suspect. I fucked his partner’s wife, doesn’t exactly bode well for me. After calmly explaining that I had no clue she was still married, he slowly became convinced that I was really just an innocent victim to Val’s lies. He still wasn’t exactly friendly with me but he started treating me like a human again and showed me some respect. I gave my statement several more times to different cops, leaving out the details of what happened at Chel’s place. Mostly recapping why I was there, what I witnessed and who I was in this love triangle. (Wouldn’t that be love square technically? can’t leave Chel out of the picture.) I get very little actual information from them in return but figure out through body language and the questions there were asking that I had just narrowly escaped a double murder suicide attempt. An unknown amount of time had passed and Val ends up going in the partner’s patrol car and I’m free to go. My mind in still a daze, I head back to Chel’s to pick up my things. She is not at all happy at the turn of events and is super pissed at me. I’m apparently not seeing this from Val’s point of view in that her marriage is falling apart and her baby is caught in the middle. WTF! Val lied to me the whole time about her divorce, manipulated me and used me for her own gain. I was sorry all this happened but the bitch nearly got me killed by her psycho cop husband because of her lies. I finish packing, say my goodbyes that fell on deaf ears and headed back to the airport. My Flight wasn’t until the next day and I couldn’t afford to switch to an earlier accommodation. I was stuck hour away from Lying Bitch and Pscyho Cop Husband and I was scared out of my mind. I found a sleazy motel that allowed me to sign in using a fake name. paid the room with cash and parked the rental 4 blocks away in case the Husband decided to finish what he started. It was one of the longest nights of my life and I don’t sleep a wink. I have all the bedroom furniture barricaded up to the door and morning can’t come soon enough. My afternoon flight is still hours away and I return the rental car back as soon as possible. I want no way for the cops or his buddies to trace me and I hang out in the crowded mall down a short distance away. Fear has complete control over me and it makes me irrational to the point that I’m suspicious of everyone and everything that is happening around me. That mall security guard is in league with the Husband, the mpl studio gallery taxi driver is reporting to the cops of my location. He must have an APB out on me! My flight is delayed because the Husband arranged it to get at me while I’m aboard and seated. I don’t rest easy until the plane taxi’s on the runway and I’m in the air. Epilogue Weeks go by and the Psycho Cop Hubby is crank calling me and leaving me death threats anonymously. I am scared at first but realize that he really can’t do shit to me. He has my old address with no ties to where recently moved too, I’m practically off the grid according to any known record. My cell is paid through a friends plan, my landlord has all utilities paid through his name and he can’t do jackshit to me states away. I even start mustering up the courage to goat him on knowing full well that he’s bluffing and his anger should be directed at Val. Speaking of which, her Lying Bitchiness finally calls me two months later attempting to apologize. Psycho cop eventually gives up and stops calling. Val on the other hand tells me some sob story that her husband is a manipulator, beats her, etc. I call her own on her Bullshit to which she proceeds to berate me for not sympathizing with her side. She attempts to call several more times each with a different agenda. “Are you carrying any STD’s? when was the last time you were tested” etc etc. Her final attempt was last straw. She claimed Chel was pregnant and it was mine… BUUUUULLLLSHIT!!! Lies Lies and more lies… I couldn’t believe how pathetic her attempts to get me back were. I eventually changed my number, email address, canceled my subscription to the MMO we met on and dropped all communication with her altogether. I was done with the drama and the hell I went through that weekend. It one of the most enjoyable sexual encounters of my life followed by the single most horrendous moment I would never wish upon anyone. I don’t regret it though. It taught some valuable lessons and I was able to walk away from it all. Makes for a great story years late